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Details - Assistive Products

Schwerlastbett aks-SB XXL

Schwerlastbett aks-SB XXL

Beds and detachable bed boards/mattress support platforms with powered adjustment (ISO 18 12 10)Beds and detachable bed boards/mattress support platforms with powered adjustment (ISO 18.12.10)
Beds (ISO 18 12)Beds (ISO 18.12)
Manufacturer: aks Aktuelle Krankenpflege Systeme GmbH
Insert date: 25/06/2007
Latest update: 23/06/2009
Source database: Rehadat (DE)

- care bed
- heavy duty bed
- with power-driven height adjustment
- mobile

- hospital providing care
- Obesity

- head of bed elevation
- Raises legs

- with gear wheel

- with gear wheel - with a permanent seat part

- with electric motor
lift capacity (kg): 300
Set the maximum patient weight. With double scissors.

- made of square steel tubing
- with toggle lock
- with internal holding device for raising
roller diameter (mm): 100Acht individually lockable castors. Fastening of wheels with bolts M 12 by the cross tubes, which amplify the lifting scissors in addition. Erector of square tube 40/40 mm for static load up to 100 kg.

- electric motor
2 hoist motors for scissors. Double bearings for both hoist motors.

- Handset

- with steel grid floors
- with plastic coating
- with internal holding device for raising
- with mattresses fixing
Length (cm): variants
Width (cm): variants

use of rectangular tubing instead of angle profiles at the swimming areas. Additional longitudinal tube couples under the metal bars of the bed against bending. Connector for the lying surface halves with double length. 4 screws for fixing the connector on each side. Guide rollers between scissor lift and deck area out with 2 shaft retainers. Particularly high levels of plates each with 3 side rails.

- with integrated side rails
- head and foot part- Integrated side rails. Particularly high levels of plates each with 3 side rails.

retail price
see variants Catalogue list 05/2009

The product is available in different variants. Details of the description of a variant complete the information on the basic product.

================== Dimensions S32801 (variant) ==================
length (cm): 200
Width (cm): 120
charge (s) 4860 EUR

------------------ Dimensions S32802 (variant) -------- --------- STORAGE AREA
Length (cm): 220
Width (cm): 120
charge (s) 5400 EUR

-------------- ---- Dimensions S32803 (variant) ----------------- STORAGE AREA
Length (cm): 220
Width (cm): 140
charge (s) EUR 6660

------------------ Dimensions S32804 (variant) ----------------- STORAGE AREA
Length (cm ): 240
Width (cm): 140
charge (s) EUR 7920

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