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Inhalation equipment (ISO Code 04 03 06)Inhalation equipment (ISO Code 04.03.06)
Assistive products for respiration (ISO Code 04 03)Assistive products for respiration (ISO Code 04.03)
Manufacturer: CA-MI srl
Insert date: 03/04/2013
Last update: 03/04/2013
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Jet nebulizer

features / components:

- for the lower airways
- with handle
- suitable for continuous operation
- suitable for children
- delivery consisting of HI-FLO jet nebulizer, adult mask with elastic head band, children mask with elastic head band , mouthpiece, nose piece (non-invasive), air hose, air filter,


Weight: 1.65 kg
Height: 14 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 12 V DC
Power consumption: 170 W
Operating noise: 55 dBA
Nebulizer: 0, 4 l / min
flow: 5 l / min
Operating pressure: 1.1 bar
Med Mass diameter: 2.44 micrometer
particle size: > 80% ( <5 micron)
mode: Continuous operation


compressed air driven jet nebulizer for the treatment of lower respiratory tract consist of a basic electrical device with compressor and the actual nebulizer with mouthpiece or nose and / or throat mask for tracheostomierte. The compressed air is transferred to a tube of the nebulizer. It occurs from the compressed air through a nozzle and breaks due to the negative pressure arising from fluid particles with it. By impact of the liquid droplets on a so-called faces of the relative proportion of small particles is increased at the range, because larger particles retained or reduced more. Compressed air driven jet nebulizer for the treatment of lower respiratory tract are also suitable for treatment of upper respiratory tract when they are delivered with mask

Options / Accessories:

Product Order
Air filter SP 0142
air hose (1m) SP 0092/01
mouthpiece SP 0166
nose piece (non-invasive) SP 0188
adult mask with elastic head band SP 0089/01
child mask with elastic head band SP 0090/01 ??
HI-FLO nebulizer chamber SP 0165
HI-FLO Nozzle S23422/01

Price (without guarantee)
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