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Ergometer MX 1

Ergometer MX 1

Exercise and ergometer cycles (ISO Code 04 48 03)Exercise and ergometer cycles (ISO Code 04.48.03)
Equipment for movement, strength and balance training (ISO Code 04 48)Equipment for movement, strength and balance training (ISO Code 04.48)
Manufacturer: HEINZ KETTLER GmbH und Co. KG
Insert date: 30/12/2007
Last update: 11/01/2008
Database: Rehadat (DE)

Original document: Rehadat (DE)

Bicycle ergometer

- cardiovascular workout
- therapeutic training to DIN EN 957-1/5 Class A
- Movement Training

Features / Components:
- 10 stored training programs
- 10 individually programmable workout programs
- pulse controlled training, either by ear or Cardio-Pulse Set
- automatic training pulse range
- PC interface for training software KETTLER ERGO CONCEPT, and removable training programs
- electronically controlled eddy current brake
- seat, gel-filled, vertically and horizontally adjustable
- deeper Entry
- speed-independent power control
- Front Wheels
- training computer

Performance Training computer:
- graphical representation of the load profile
- training evaluation
- Wattage
- time measurement
- Energy consumption
- training track
- speed
- Pulse, training pulse, recovery heart rate , average values ??at end of training

Length: 105cm
Width: 53 cm
Height: 140cm
Power: 25 to 400 watts
load capacity: 150 kg

Price (without guarantee):
999.00 EUR; inclusive of VAT (dealer)

Suggested retail price retail price
Price Date: 22/12/2006