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Osbon StayErec System

Osbon StayErec System

Assistive products for erection (ISO 09 54 06)Assistive products for erection (ISO 09.54.06)
Assistive products for sexual activities (ISO 09 54)Assistive products for sexual activities (ISO 09.54)
Manufacturer: Timm Medical Technologies, Inc.
Insert date: 30/12/2005
Latest update: 11/01/2008
Source database: Rehadat (DE)

Vacuum erection system

The Osbon StayErec system has been created for patients with partial erectile dysfunction, ie these but, due to venous leakage, can not hold a normal sexual activity for patients still get a natural erection
Even in patients with premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation) the Osbon StayErec system can be used.

The StayErec system consists of a cylinder (two different diameters), a Ringaufziehvorrichtung, tension rings of different voltage and a tube Osbon Personal Lubricant.

By means of Ringaufziehvorrichtung is mounted on one of the cylinders, a voltage ring. This tension ring is now placed at the base of the erected member. The ring ensures that the venous blood outflow is inhibited. Thus, the erection is as long as get how this tension ring in position remains (Note: The ring should be removed after 30 minutes, so again can take place a normal blood circulation through the penis)

The StayErec system is not only used in men. still get a natural erection, but also in patients who respond to the SKAT therapy, but the erection produced in this way, because of a venous leak, can not long enough maintained.
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