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Markell-Schuh mit offener Ferse

Markell-Schuh mit offener Ferse

Ankle-foot orthoses (ISO Code 06 12 06)Ankle-foot orthoses (ISO Code 06.12.06)
Lower limb orthoses (ISO Code 06 12)Lower limb orthoses (ISO Code 06.12)
Manufacturer: CAMP Group europaweites Netzwerk
Insert date: 02/01/2006
Last update: 01/04/2009
Database: Rehadat (DE)

Original document: Rehadat (DE)


The Markell Shoe has been originally developed for the treatment by Dr. Ponseti. In this treatment method, a mounting on a Denis-Browne bar is provided.
The finished orthosis consists of the Denis-Browne bar, at the ends Markell shoes are mounted. The Markell Shoe is available with open heel and closed heel

Denis Browne splint, fixed length
Denis Browne splint, adjustable length

Pes equinovarus (clubfoot)

Features / Components:

- Shoe is open at the toe and on the heel
- provides additional heel control
- use in small patient
- Shoe width: narrow, standard
- standard shoe is both straight-shaped variant as well as abduction available
- narrow shoe is exclusively formed straight
heel strap - color: white
- Shoe width standard, without abduction
- Model: TM1645 plus size


- Shoe length 7.5 cm, size
0000 - Shoe length 8.0 cm, size
000 - Shoe length 8.7 cm, size 00
- Shoe length 9.7 cm, size 0
- Shoe length 10.5 cm, size 1

Price (without guarantee):
Special trade price excluding VAT: 105.30 EUR (pair)