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lisa Funk-Blitzlampe

lisa Funk-Blitzlampe

Indicators with visual signals (Kod ISO 22 27 03)Indicators with visual signals (Kod ISO 22.27.03)
Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signalling (Kod ISO 22 27)Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signalling (Kod ISO 22.27)
Data wprowadzenia: 2008-10-07
Ostatnia zmiana: 2012-05-14
Baza danych: Rehadat (DE)

Dokumenty oryginalne: Rehadat (DE)

Lisa wireless flash lamp

The Humantechnik flash lamp Little Lisa as a radio receiver for the lisa RF transmitter

features / components
- Connection via socket
- Light of the receiving strong flashes of light
- additional LED display indicating which transmitter the signal is assumed
- further LED beacon light shine upon completion of the flash duration for about 30 seconds - different Blitzrythmen for different transmitter
- Flash time adjustable (8 sec to 28 sec)


HxWxD: 121x65x35mm
color: silver metallic
Weight: 215g
port: 230
Range: max. 80m
Additional connection options for additional signal transmitter modules: flash module, acoustic module, switching module, vibrating pad
Price (without guarantee):
119.00 EUR, including VAT (revear)
retail price
Price Date: 15/05/2012