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ISO Code
N. of products

Devices for helping a person to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms; Included are, e.g., devices for seeing, hearing, reading, writing, telephoning, signalling and alarming, and information technology.; Assistive products for office administration, information storage and management at work, see >28 21

Assistive products for seeing

Included are, e.g., magnifying devices.

Assistive products for hearing

Devices for concentrating, amplifying and modulating sound for a person with hearing problems; Included are, e.g., hearing aids with built-in tinnitus masking and induction coil devices.; Sound stimulators, see >04 27 15; Induction loop devices, see >22 18 30

Assistive products for voice production

Devices for assisting a person who has insufficient voice power to speak using his/her own voice; Microphones, see >22 18 33; Loudspeakers, see >22 18 36

Assistive products for drawing and writing

Devices assisting a person to convey information by producing figures, symbols or language; Weighted cuffs, see >04 48 18; Training materials for developing writing skills, 05 03 09; Assistive products for training in drawing and painting skills, see >05 24 06; Tactile maps, see >12 39 15

Assistive products for calculation

Computers and terminals, see >22 33

Assistive products that record, play and display audio and visual information

Devices that record or deliver information in audio or visual formats, and products that combine any of those functions; Included are, e.g., audio and video equipment, televisions, sound transmission systems and products that process audio or visual information to enhance its quality and usefulness, such as filtering noises or converting analog to digital information.; Headphones, see >22 06 24; Visual computer displays and accessories, see >22 39 04

Assistive products for face-to-face communication

Devices for helping two people to communicate with each other in the same space; Assistive products for voice production, see >22 09

Assistive products for reading

Assistive products for extending and adjusting range and angle of the field of vision, see >22 03 15

Computers and terminals

Office software and industrial software, see >28 21 12

Input devices for computers

Computers and terminals, see >22 33; Output devices for computers, see >22 39

Output devices for computers

Included are, e.g., display monitors, printers, plotters and synthesizers.; Office machines and office equipment, see >28 21 09

Interactive devices for computers

Included are, e.g. smart boards.