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  • LX Monitor Arm, Tischhalterung

    LX Monitor Arm, Tischhalterung

    Assistive products for positioning (ISO Code 24.24)
    Fixed-position systems (ISO Code 24.24.03)
    Manufacturer: Ergotron, Inc.
    Insert date: 08/04/2013 - Latest update: 10/08/2023
    Source database:
  • Geemarc CL 11

    Geemarc CL 11

    Signalling devices (ISO Code 22.29.03)
    Assistive products for signalling, alarming and localization (ISO Code 22.29)
    Manufacturer: Geemarc Telecom S.A.
    Insert date: 30/03/2021 - Latest update: 28/03/2023
    Source database:
  • Raucherlätzchen Feuerbeständige Schürze

    Raucherlätzchen Feuerbeständige Schürze

    Assistive products for smoking (ISO Code 30.30)
    Manufacturer: keine Angaben
    Insert date: 30/12/2006 - Latest update: 07/11/2023
    Source database:
  • FLAWA FFP2 Transparente Atemschutzmaske MaXsmile Pro

    FLAWA FFP2 Transparente Atemschutzmaske MaXsmile Pro

    Body-worn assistive products for body protection (ISO Code 09.06)
    Assistive products for airway protection (ISO Code 09.06.27)
    Manufacturer: FLAWA Consumer GmbH
    Insert date: 17/05/2022 - Latest update: 17/05/2022
    Source database:


    Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering (ISO Code 09.33)
    Bathtubs (ISO Code 09.33.21)
    Manufacturer: keine Angaben
    Insert date: 29/12/2008 - Latest update: 27/05/2021
    Source database:
  • Set Centre Halbmondkissen

    Set Centre Halbmondkissen

    Assistive products for body stabilization (ISO Code 09.07)
    Positioning pillows, positioning cushions and positioning systems (ISO Code 09.07.06)
    Manufacturer: Centre
    Insert date: 02/11/2015 - Latest update: 22/06/2022
    Source database:
  • HEPA Luftreiniger Comedes Lavaero 900

    HEPA Luftreiniger Comedes Lavaero 900

    Assistive products for environmental improvement (ISO Code 27.03)
    Assistive products for improving indoor air quality (ISO Code 27.03.06)
    Manufacturer: Comedes GmbH
    Insert date: 22/09/2020 - Latest update: 28/09/2022
    Source database:
  • J.O.B. Strandrollstuhl

    J.O.B. Strandrollstuhl

    Manual wheelchairs (ISO Code 12.22)
    Bimanual handrim-drive wheelchairs (ISO Code 12.22.03)
    Manufacturer: NEATECH
    Insert date: 09/09/2008 - Latest update: 20/08/2021
    Source database:
  • Westen für Rollstuhlfahrer

    Westen für Rollstuhlfahrer

    Clothes and shoes (ISO Code 09.03)
    Outerwear (ISO Code 09.03.05)
    Manufacturer: RULATEX Bekleidungs GmbH
    Insert date: 26/09/2023 - Latest update: 26/09/2023
    Source database:
  • Höhenverstellbarer Stützstock GASTROCK mit Fritzgriff

    Höhenverstellbarer Stützstock GASTROCK mit Fritzgriff

    Guide canes and symbol canes for orientation (ISO Code 12.08)
    Guide canes (ISO Code 12.08.03)
    Manufacturer: Gastrock-Stöcke GmbH
    Insert date: 30/12/2003 - Latest update: 24/04/2023
    Source database: