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Orthoses and prostheses

Orthoses are externally applied devices used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromusculoskeletal systems; prostheses are externally applied devices used to replace, wholly or in part, an absent or deficient body segment. In

Abdominal orthoses

Orthoses that encompass the whole or part of the abdomen

Abdominal muscle supports

Devices to support the abdomen

Abdominal hernia supports

Devices to support and hold hernia in place. Included are, e.g. hernia straps, girdles, trusses.

Interface components for abdominal orthoses

Interface components in direct contact with the user; they transmit the forces between the orthosis and the user which result from its function and may retain the orthosis in place. Included are, e.g. shells, pads, straps.

Finishing components for abdominal orthoses

Finishing components are the means of providing shape, colour and texture to orthoses. Included are, e.g. fillers, covers, sleeves.