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ISO Code
N. of products

Products intended to support daily care of oneself, including washing and drying. oneself, caring for one's body and body parts, dressing, and protecting one’s body. Included are, e.g. assistive products for dressing and undressing, for body protection, f

Clothes and shoes

Included are, e.g. clothes and shoes for babies and children. Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity, see >04 33. Assistive products for making and maintaining textiles for domestic use, see >15 15. Assistive products for health protection

Body-worn assistive products for body protection

Equipment to prevent injury to parts of the body. Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity, see >04 33. Personal protective equipment for workplaces, see >28 24 03

Assistive products for body stabilization

Included are, e.g. seatbelts, belts, harnesses. Seatbelts and harnesses for motor vehicles, see >12 12 09. Accessories for sitting furniture, see >18 10

Assistive products for dressing and undressing

Equipment to assist when putting on or taking off clothes and shoes. Buttoning devices and fasteners, see >09 03 48. Marking materials and marking tools, see >22 27 27

Assistive products for toileting

Assistive products for inserting suppositories, see >04 19 30. Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity, see >04 33. Urine chutes, see >09 24 12. Non-body-worn urinals and urine bottles, see >09 27 09. Bidets, see >09 33 18. Assistive produc

Assistive products for tracheostomy care

Devices used in connection with breathing through an artificial opening in the windpipe after tracheotomy or after removal of the larynx (laryngectomy). Assistive products for respiration, see >04 03. Products for skin protection and skin cleaning, see >0

Assistive products for ostomy care

Devices related to the collection of bodily waste matter through an artificial opening. in the intestines or the urinary tract (stoma) or through a fistula. Products for skin protection and skin cleaning, see >09 21. Assistive products for collecting urin

Products for skin protection and skin cleaning

Products used to protect the skin from injury from a variety of sources, including the use of prostheses and orthoses and the use of adhesives for ostomy care. Wound care products, see >04 49. Skin-covering agents (cosmetics), see >06 30 39. Body-worn ass

Urine diverters

Devices for draining away urine. Bathing wear, see >09 03 33. Sealing materials, see >09 21 15

Assistive products for collecting urine and faeces

Included are, e.g. connecting units (tubes, connectors, valves).

Assistive products for absorbing urine and faeces

Devices used for absorbing discharge of urine from the bladder and faecal matter. from the rectum. Bathing wear, see >09 03 33. Bedding, see >18 12 15

Assistive products for management of menstruation

Assistive products to manage menstrual flow

Assistive products for washing, bathing and showering

Assistive products for toileting, see >09 12. Assistive products for changing body position, see >12 31. Assistive products for lifting persons, see >12 36. Supporting handrails and grab bars, see >18 18. Plumbing fittings and taps, see >18 24 03. Grip ad

Assistive products for manicure and pedicure

Devices to assist in the care of hands, fingernails, feet, toes and toenails. Devices for grasping, e.g. tweezers, see >24 18 03

Assistive products for hair care

Devices for washing and styling hair

Assistive products for dental care

Tube-squeezing devices, see >24 06 06

Assistive products for facial care

Devices used to assist when applying cosmetics or skin care products to the face or to perform other types of facial grooming. Products for skin protection and skin cleaning, see >09 21

Assistive products for sexual activities

Devices for training and assisting during sexual activities. Showers and shower units, see >09 33 09. Back supports, see >18 10 03. Seat cushions and underlays, see >18 10 06. Beds and bed equipment, see >18 12