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Antall produkter
Assistive products for domestic activities and participation in domestic life

Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to carry out domestic and everyday actions and tasks. Included are, e.g. products for preparation of food and drink, housecleaning, gardening, and maintaining of clothing.

Assistive products for making and maintaining textiles for domestic use

Clothes and shoes, see 09 03. Measuring instruments, see 27 06. Machines for production and processing of commercial goods, see 28 15 09. Tools, materials and equipment for textile handicraft, see 30 18 03.

Sewing hoops, pincushions and darning devices

Devices that hold material in a fixed position while sewing or darning. Included are, e.g. embroidering rings. Assistive products for fixation, see >2427. Assistive products for fixing and positioning workpieces and tools, see >281206.

Assistive products for hand sewing

Included are, e.g. needle threaders, thimbles.


Assistive products for cutting, chopping and dividing to prepare food and drink, see >150306. Handicraft tools, materials and equipment, see >30 18

Wringers for laundry

Devices that squeeze out excess liquid from laundry. Dishcloth wringers, see >150615


Clips or forked devices for attaching clothes on to a clothesline; also known as clothes. pegs

Assistive products for drying clothes

Included are, e.g. tumble dryers, drying cabinets, spin dryers, airers, drying frames, clothes-lines.

Shoe cleaning devices

Included are, e.g. doormats. Devices for cleaning wheelchairs or any part of wheelchairs, see >122428