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ISO Code
N. of products

Orthoses and prostheses, see >06; Assistive products for carrying and transporting, see >24 36; Assistive products for transporting objects in the workplace, see >28 06

Accessories for assistive products for walking

Devices designed for use with walking aids for a specific purpose

Tips for walking aids

Products that fit over the bottom of walking sticks, canes or crutches or the ends of walking frame or rollator legs to enhance the stability of the walking aid; Included are, e.g., tips with additional antislip material, tips for walking on ice, flexible tips.

Products to properly grip walking aids

Devices that aid a person to grasp securely a walking stick, cane, crutch, walking frame or rollator; Included are, e.g., adjusted grips, grips with anti-slip material and grips of special material such as foam.; Grip adapters and attachments, see >24 18 06

Accessories for walking aids to provide support for specific parts of body

Products attached to a walking aid that support one or more parts of the user's body so that the user remains properly positioned while the aid is in use; Included are, e.g., underarm supports, back supports, head supports and safety belts.; Assistive products for body stabilization, see >09 07

Pads, cushions and other accessories for walking aids to prevent bruising or skin injury

Products that can be added to walking sticks, canes, crutches, walking frames, rollators and walking tables to protect the user from bruising or skin injury caused by repeated contact with a specific part of the walking aid; Body-worn assistive products for body protection, see >09 06

Seats for walking aids

Seats that can be added to canes, walking frames, rollators and walking tables that can support the weight of the person using the walking aid; Included are, e.g., foldable and non-foldable solid seats for rollators and sling seats for rollators and walking tables.

Accessories attached to walking aids to hold or carry objects

Included are, e.g., baskets, pouches, hooks, lay trays, tables, bags, holders for oxygen units, holders for umbrellas and holders for walking frames and rollators to carry walking sticks, canes or crutches.; Suspenders and fastening devices for urine collectors, see >09 27 13

Products to hold walking aids in place when not in use

Devices to fix in place a walking stick, cane, crutch or walking frame or to park a rollator; Included are, e.g., walking stick holders or cane holders attached to a table and parking brakes.; Devices attached to wheelchairs to hold or carry objects, see >12 24 42

Accessories to help maneuver walking aids

Products added to walking aids to assist the user to go in a desired direction and to control speed; Included are, e.g., push bars, anti-swiveling wheels, devices to overcome thresholds and curbs and continuous brakes.

Accessories to adjust height of rollators and walking frames

Devices that can be added or attached to a rollator or walking frame to increase the walking aid's height

Lights and safety signaling devices for walking aids

Devices that can be attached to a walking aid to illuminate the walking aid's surroundings or to mark the position of the walking aid; Included are, e.g., reflectors.

Tyres and wheels for walking aids

Included are, e.g., replacement wheels and wheels and replacement legs with wheels that can be added or attached to a walking frame to convert it to a rollator or added or attached to a rollator to provide wheels on legs not originally equipped with wheels.

Power assist units for assistive products for walking

Units that can be attached to assistive products for walking, and that propel wheels or that can adjust height, width, folding or walking orientation.