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ISO Code
Assistive products for communication and information management

Products intended to support, train or replace a person's capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations an

Assistive products for seeing

Included are, e.g. magnifying devices.

Assistive products for hearing

Devices for concentrating, amplifying, modulating and transmitting sound for a person with hearing problems. Included are, e.g. hearing aids with built-in tinnitus masking. Assistive products for stimulating senses with sound, see 04 28 06.

Assistive products for voice and speech functions

Devices for assisting a person to communicate through speech. Microphones, see 22 18 33. Loudspeakers, see 22 18 36.

Assistive products for reading, writing and drawing

Included are products for handling reading and writing materials. Letter and symbol sets and boards, see 22 21 03. Tools, materials and equipment for creative pictorial design, 30 18 15.

Assistive products that record, play and display audio and visual information

Devices that record or deliver information in audio or visual formats and products that combine any of those functions. Included are, e.g. audio and video equipment, televisions, sound transmission systems, products that process audio or visual informatio

Assistive products for face-to-face communication

Assistive products for communication between persons situated in the same place. Included are products primarily used for face-to-face communication, but with options for distance communication. Assistive products for voice and speech functions, see 22 09

Assistive products for distant communication

Assistive products for telecommunication and electronic network communication. Included are products primarily used for distance communication, but with options for face-to-face communication. Assistive products for face-to-face communication, see 22 21.

Assistive products for managing time, memory, and planning

Assistive products for indication and understanding of time, for planning, for supporting memory, attention and for structuring e.g. activities.

Assistive products for signalling, alarming and localization

Assistive products for signalling, alarming, warning, localizing and tracking a person. Included are products for marking.

Assistive products for learning languages

Assistive products for learning languages

Computers and terminals

Office software and industrial software, see >282112

Output devices

Included are, e.g. display monitors, printers, plotters, synthesizers, output software. Office machines and office equipment, see 28 21 09.

Assistive products for orientation

Devices for navigation, guidance, identification or recognizing the surrounding environment. Guide canes and symbol canes for orientation, see 12 08. Tactile materials for floors and stairs, see 18 33 15.