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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for measuring, stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions

Products that monitor or assess a person’s medical condition and products for stimulating or training physiological and psychological functions. Included are, e.g. products used in medical treatment. Excluded are assistive products used exclusively by hea

Assistive products for respiration

Equipment for assisting a person to breathe. Respiration meters, see 04 24 33. Vibrators, see 04 27 12. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see 27 03.

Assistive products for supporting and stimulating blood circulation

Equipment for assisting blood circulation by passive or active compression. Blood pressure meters, see 04 24 09. Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training, see 04 48.

Assistive products for stimulating body control and conceptualization

Garments that facilitate body posture and control or body conceptualization with even pressure; clothes that are used to enhance daily activities. Included are, e.g. compression garments, bandages, tapes.

Assistive products for light therapy

Assistive products for stimulating senses with light, see 04 28 03. Assistive products for heat treatment, see 04 30 03.

Assistive products for dialysis therapy

Devices for purifying the blood of a person. Blood analysis devices, equipment and materials, see 04 24 12.

Assistive products for administering medicines

Assistive products for dosage, taking, injecting and handling medicines. Included are devices for handling medicine packaging. Container openers, see 24 06 03.

Sterilizing equipment

Devices that eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from assistive products

Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials

Measuring instruments and equipment for workplaces, see >281803

Cognitive test and evaluation materials

Equipment for testing all those functions and activities that are related to logical thinking, intellectual potential and reasoning. Assistive products for vocational assessment and vocational training, see >28 27

Assistive products to enhance cognitive function

Assistive products to enhance a person’s self-integrity and for training and learning to interact with the outside world both in terms of individual social integration and relationships with others. Included are, e.g. assistive products for doll therapy a

Stimulators for treatment on cellular and tissue level

Equipment for stimulating a muscle or a particular area of a muscle and equipment for stimulating tissue, tendons and joints. Assistive products for pain relief, see 04 29. Assistive products for heat treatment or cold treatment, see 04 30.

Assistive products for stimulating senses

Assistive products for increasing, reducing or stabilizing sensory stimuli. Included are, e.g. assistive products for sensory integration and perceptual training..

Assistive products for pain relief

Equipment for pain relief by physiological manipulation or psychological distraction.

Assistive products for heat treatment or cold treatment

Devices to produce heat or cold for therapeutic purposes

Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity

Included are, e.g. products to prevent pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. Body-worn assistive products for body protection, see 09 06. Accessories for assistive products for walking to protect from injury, see 12 07 18.

Assistive products for spinal traction

Devices used to produce stretching of the spine.

Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training

Products for training the muscular and cardiovascular system, balance and coordination of physiological body functions.

Wound care products

Included are, e.g. assistive products for wound care dressings, wound care absorption, wound care drainage, products for fixation of wound care products. Assistive products for tracheostomy care, see >09 15. Assistive products for ostomy care, see >09 18