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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for self-care activities and participation in self-care

Products intended to support daily care of oneself, including washing and drying oneself, caring for one’s body and body parts, dressing, and protecting one’s body. Included are, e.g. assistive products for dressing and undressing, for body protection, fo

Body-worn assistive products for body protection

Equipment to prevent injury to parts of the body. Assistive products intended to manage tissue integrity, see >04 33. Personal protective equipment for workplaces, see >282403

Assistive products for head protection

Helmets and other headwear that protect the head from trauma. Excluded are helmets for use on vehicles. Headwear, see 09 03 09.

Assistive products for eye protection or face protection

Included are, e.g. moist chambers, watch-glass dressings. Protective eyeglasses for light therapy, see 04 09 09.

Assistive products for ear protection or hearing protection

Assistive products for reducing noise, see >270309

Assistive products for elbow protection or arm protection

Accessories for assistive products for walking to protect from injury, see 12 07 18.

Assistive products for hand protection

Included are, e.g. wheelchair gloves. Gloves and mittens, see 09 03 12. Accessories for assistive products for walking to protect from injury, see 12 07 18.

Assistive products for knee protection or leg protection

Included are, e.g. stockings for amputated legs (stump socks). Stockings and socks, see >090327

Assistive products for trunk protection or whole-body protection

Included are, e.g. trousers and underwear with built-in protection to prevent fracture when falling.

Assistive products for airway protection

Devices to protect the respiratory tract from harmful external influences. Assistive products for tracheostomy care, see >09 15

Protective sheaths for bathing

Water-resistant protection of the skin or of a bandage.