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ISO Code
N. of products

Products intended to support daily care of oneself, including washing and drying. oneself, caring for one's body and body parts, dressing, and protecting one’s body. Included are, e.g. assistive products for dressing and undressing, for body protection, for personal hygiene, for tracheostomy, ostomy and incontinence care and for sexual. activities. Assistive products for eating and drinking, see >15 09

Assistive products for ostomy care

Devices related to the collection of bodily waste matter through an artificial opening. in the intestines or the urinary tract (stoma) or through a fistula. Products for skin protection and skin cleaning, see >09 21. Assistive products for collecting urine and faeces, see >09 27

One-piece effluent systems for ostomy care

Systems for collecting bodily waste matter through a stoma or fistula consisting of a stoma plate for attachment on the skin around the stoma or fistula which is connected to a bag, which is either closed or drainable

Plates for two-piece effluent systems for ostomy care

The components of effluent collection systems that are attached to the skin around the stoma or fistula allowing the attachment or removal of a bag while the component itself remains in position

Bags for two piece effluent systems for ostomy care

The components of effluent collection systems that can be removed consisting of a bag, which is either closed or drainable, for collecting bodily waste matter from a stoma or fistula. Included are, e.g. high output bags.

Additional bags for ostomy care

Extra bags that can be connected to the bag of a stoma system to have additional capacity for collecting bodily waste

Assistive products for supporting and holding in place effluent systems for ostomy care

Products that provide support in order to ensure the correct position of a stoma plate or a stoma bag in case of a parastomal herniation. Included are, e.g. belts.

Filling products for ostomy care

Products with the purpose to attach the one-piece effluent systems or the plates of the two-piece effluent systems to the skin, to make even unevenness in the ostomy area, and to prevent leakage

Assistive product for dilatating stoma

Products that are used to keep open or widen the opening through which bodily waste is drained from the intestines or the urinary tract. Included are, e.g. dilatators, hegars, Ace stoppers.

Assistive products for bowel irrigation

Included are, e.g. products to flush the bowel via a stoma or the rectum.

Assistive products for draining or flushing internal stoma

Equipment for draining or flushing an internal stoma. Included are, e.g. tubes for draining bodily waste from an internal stoma either directly. into, e.g. the toilet, or connected to a bag collecting bodily waste.

Assistive products for sealing stoma

Devices that protect or plug-up the stoma to protect it from harmful external influences. Included are, e.g. stoma shields, stoma plugs, special blisters.

Post-operative ostomy bags and accessories

Bags and accessories used for post-operative purposes when creating and maintaining a stoma. Included are, e.g. sterile products.

Accessories for ostomy care

Included are, e.g. odour absorbents, pocket supports for ostomy bags, ostomy bag. closures, products to condense bodily waste, lubricants, cotton overs.