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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for activities and participation relating to personal mobility and transportation

Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to move indoors and outdoors, to transfer from one place to another or to use personal or public transportation. Orthoses and prostheses, see 06. Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive product

Wheelchair accessories

Devices related to the use of wheelchairs. Assistive products for transferring person seated in wheelchair into or out of vehicles, see 12 12 18. Assistive products for loading unoccupied wheelchairs onto or into vehicles, see 12 12 21. Assistive products

Steering and control systems for wheelchairs

Devices for controlling a wheelchair’s movements and its direction of travel.

Propulsion units for manual wheelchairs

Devices that are added to a manual wheelchair to propel the wheelchair with or without human propulsion. Included are, e.g. add-on power kits used for propulsion. Pivot drive wheels units, see 12 24 48


Devices added to a manual wheelchair to transform it into a handbike, hand-propelled. Hand-propelled tricycles and quadricycles, see >121809

Lights and safety signalling devices for wheelchairs

Devices that can be attached to a wheelchair to illuminate the wheelchair’s surroundings or to mark the position of the wheelchair. Included are, e.g. wheelchair safety flags, reflectors.

Running or parking brakes for wheelchairs

Devices for slowing down or stopping a wheelchair or holding it in a fixed position.

Tyres, wheels and castors for wheelchairs

Included are, e.g. snow runners, hub caps.

Batteries and battery chargers for wheelchairs

Devices to supply electric power to a wheelchair

Devices for cleaning wheelchairs or any part of wheelchairs

Included are, e.g. wheelchair cleaning systems, brushes for wheelchair tires.

Devices to protect wheelchairs and their occupants from sunlight or precipitation

Included are, e.g. umbrellas and canopies for wheelchairs.

Devices to connect a wheelchair to a bicycle

Coupling systems that connect a wheelchair to a bicycle. Foot-propelled tricycles and quadricycles, see 12 18 06. Half-handbikes, see 12 24 11.

Devices to which a wheelchair is attached that facilitate movement up and down stairs

Carts and other types of vehicles, manually or electrically powered, to which a wheelchair can be securely fastened that allow the wheelchair, while occupied, to climb and descend stairs safely. Powered stair-climbing transporters, see 12 17 03. Stair-cli

Devices attached to wheelchairs to hold or carry objects

Products that are fixed to a wheelchair to carry one or more objects. Included are, e.g. pouches, baskets and cases that are attached to a wheelchair, cane and crutch holders, walker carriers, trailers for wheelchairs. Trailers for cycles, see 12 18 24.

Devices to check surroundings of wheelchairs

Included are, e.g. rear view mirrors, cameras.

Pivot drive wheels units

Removable propulsion wheel units that can be clamped/assembled in front of the frame of a manual wheelchair and that transmit drive power and that steer the manual wheelchair by changing its angular orientation to the wheelchair frame. Propulsion units fo