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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for activities and participation relating to personal mobility and transportation

Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to move indoors and outdoors, to transfer from one place to another or to use personal or public transportation. Orthoses and prostheses, see 06. Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive product

Assistive products for changing body position

Hoists to transfer person into or out of vehicles without wheelchair, see >121215. Assistive products for transferring person seated in wheelchair into or out of vehicles, see >121218. Assistive products for lifting persons, see >12 36. Supporting handrai

Assistive products for sliding and turning

Devices for changing position or direction of a person using sliding and turning techniques. Included are, e.g. sliding boards, sliding mats, turning sheets, turning cushions.


Devices to assist a person in a standing or near-standing position to make a rotating movement where the feet are placed on the device when moving.

Not mounted rails for self-lifting

Devices to support a person rising from a sitting or lying position (e.g. from a bed or chair). Rails for self-lifting to be fixed to beds, see >181228

Grip ladders

Devices, fixed at one end, for assisting a person to change his/her body position step by step

Lifting belts and harnesses

Devices for assisting a person to move another person manually.

Carrying chairs, carrying harnesses and carrying baskets

Devices for moving a person from one place to another carried by one or more assistants.

Transfer platforms

Devices for moving a standing person a short horizontal distance

Lifting seats and lifting mattresses

Transfer equipment for lifting a person from the floor to e.g. a bed or to a sitting position wherefrom standing up may be possible. Assistive products for lifting persons, see >12 36