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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for domestic activities and participation in domestic life

Products intended to support or replace a person’s capacity to carry out domestic and everyday actions and tasks. Included are, e.g. products for preparation of food and drink, housecleaning, gardening, and maintaining of clothing.

Assistive products for gardening and lawn care for domestic use

Products to enable the cultivation or tending of plants or a garden, or in the care of a lawn. Landscaping, agricultural and construction machines and equipment, see >281512

Tools for outdoor gardening

Products to enable the cultivation or tending of a lawn or a garden that is outside. Included are, e.g. mowers, long-handled pruning shears, weed-grippers.

Adapted gardening beds

Products that make accessible any indoor or outdoor area for the purpose of gardening. Included are, e.g. elevated beds, accessible greenhouses, designs for accessible gardens..

Assistive products for protecting and supporting the body while gardening

Products designed to provide protection from injury or additional support for a person. tending or cultivating plants. Included are, e.g. kneeling benches.

Tools for indoor gardening and flower arrangement

Products to enable a person to cultivate, tend or arrange plants or a garden that is. inside, and to arrange cut flowers for display