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ISO Code
N. of products
Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments

Furniture and other products that can be placed in, incorporated into or otherwise, added to, the built environment to facilitate movement and positioning, including. entry and exit, within areas constructed for public and private use. Included are, e.g.

Safety equipment for homes and other premises

Assistive products for indication of time, planning, memory, and structuring, see 22 28. Assistive products for signalling, alarming, monitoring, and identifying, see 22 29. Assistive products for health protection and safety in workplaces, see 28 24.

Non-slip materials for floors and stairs

Surface materials that minimize the danger of slipping. Included are, e.g. non-slip mats, non-slip tiles. Non-slip bath mats, non-slip shower mats and non-slip tapes, see 09 33 06. Safety devices for workplaces and surrounding areas at work, see 28 24 18.

Safety mats to prevent injuries

Soft or shock absorbing mats to limit risk of injuries when falling, e.g. from a bed.

Safety valves for gas supplies

Devices that automatically stop the flow of gas in order to avoid emergencies

Rescue equipment

Devices for evacuating a person from a dangerous situation

Tactile materials for floors and stairs

Tactile materials used inside or outside the house, which serve for orientation for, e.g. blind persons. Included are, e.g. tiles, floor coverings, floor mats. Guide canes and symbol canes for orientation, see 12 08. Assistive products for orientation, se