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Assistive products for communication and information management

Products intended to support, train or replace a person's capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations an

Assistive products for hearing

Devices for concentrating, amplifying, modulating and transmitting sound for a person with hearing problems. Included are, e.g. hearing aids with built-in tinnitus masking. Assistive products for stimulating senses with sound, see 04 28 06.


Devices for concentrating and channelling sounds into the ear

Hearing amplifiers

Devices placed on or nearby the person’s body for amplifying surrounding sound or for increasing the volume of one or more persons’ voices. Included are, e.g. communication amplifiers.

Spectacle hearing aids

Frames of eyeglasses with built-in electronic devices to amplify sound

In-the-ear hearing aids

Devices worn within the ear to amplify sound. Included are, e.g. in-the-canal hearing aids..

Behind-the-ear hearing aids

Devices worn behind the ear to amplify sound. Included are, e.g. headband hearing aids..

Tactile hearing aids

Devices for receiving, amplifying and transforming sounds into tactile signals

Hearing aids used in connection with implants

Devices for assisting hearing by stimulating the receivers implanted, e.g. in the inner ear

Sound transmission systems for hearing aids

Devices for transmitting sound between source and hearing aid. Included are induction loop systems, induction loop amplifiers, radio frequency (FM) transmission systems, infrared (IR) systems and streaming systems.

Accessories for assistive products for hearing

Included are, e.g. audio connections, spectacle adaptations, remote controls for hearing aids, software, special purpose batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers.