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Assistive products for communication and information management

Products intended to support, train or replace a person's capacity to receive, send, produce and process information in different forms, including communicating by language, signs and symbols, receiving and producing messages, carrying on conversations an

Assistive products that record, play and display audio and visual information

Devices that record or deliver information in audio or visual formats and products that combine any of those functions. Included are, e.g. audio and video equipment, televisions, sound transmission systems, products that process audio or visual informatio

Sound recording and playing devices

Devices for recording and playback of sound, e.g. dictaphones and music players. DAISY players and e-book readers, see 22 13 21.

Video recording and playing devices

Devices for saving and playing visual images and motion pictures on tape or other electronic media. Included are, e.g. cameras and projectors.

Radio receivers

Included are, e.g. radio receivers with audio display.

Two-way radios

Devices for receiving and transmitting mainly one to one remote radio communication. Included are, e.g. Citizens Band (CB), Family Radio Services (FRS), General Mobile, Radio Service (GMRS), marine radios.


Included are, e.g. digital and high definition televisions.

Closed-circuit television systems

Closed systems for transmitting images with a camera to a recorder or direct displaying in a remote location. Image-enlarging system, see 22 03 18. Localization and tracking systems, see 22 29 12.

Decoders for videotext and text television

Devices for translating videotext into artificial speech and decoding spoken output to provide video captions. Excluded are speech recognition systems.


Included are, e.g. headset microphones.

Headphones, earphones and headsets

Head-worn loudspeakers placed nearby or inside the ear. Included are, e.g. devices that increase the volume of TVs, radios, stereos or are used together with communication amplifiers.