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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for controlling, carrying, moving and handling objects and devices

Products intended to facilitate a person’s performance of a task requiring the movement or manipulation of an object. Assistive products for transporting objects in workplaces, see 28 06. Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workpl

Electronic assistive products for operation and controlling devices

Products for operation and remote control of electrical devices. Excluded are control units as an accessory of other assistive devices. Gate, door, window and curtain openers/closers, see 18 21.

Wired remote controls

Wired units for operating electrical devices.

Wireless remote controls

Wireless units for operating electrical devices.

Switches for electrical devices

Switches for controlling an electrical circuit. Steering and control systems for wheelchairs, see 12 24 03.

Timer switches

Devices for controlling electrical devices that are programmed at set intervals of time.


Telephone switchboards, see 22 24 18.


Included are, e.g. Braille keyboards, screen keyboards.

Computer pointing devices

Assistive products to position screen pointer and to select items on computer displays. Included are, e.g. computer mice, touch pads, track balls, computer joysticks..

Software for operating electrical devices

Included are, e.g. software for personal environmental control, on-screen keyboards, speech recognition software and software for mouse functions.

Accessories for assistive products for operating and controlling electrical devices

Accessories for products for operation and remote control of electrical devices.