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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for controlling, carrying, moving and handling objects and devices

Products intended to facilitate a person’s performance of a task requiring the movement or manipulation of an object. Assistive products for transporting objects in workplaces, see 28 06. Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workpl

Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or combination of these functions.

Upper limb orthoses, see >06 06. Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in workplaces, see >28 09. Assistive products for fixing, reaching and grasping objects in workplaces, see >28 12

Devices for grasping

Non-body-worn products for grasping an object that replace the gripping function of the hands. Included are, e.g. tweezers. Assistive products for extended reach, see 24 21. Assistive products for carrying and gripping workpieces and tools, see 28 12 03.

Grip adapters and attachments

Devices added to a product to enable that product to be grasped. Products to properly grip assistive products for walking, see 12 07 12. Manual devices for drawing and handwriting, see 22 13 24. Assistive products for fixing and positioning workpieces and

Body-worn holders

Devices worn on the body that hold an object


Free-standing devices for holding an object in a stable position. Products to hold assistive products for walking in place when not in use, see 12 07 27. Reading stands and book support cushions, see 22 13 06. Assistive products for fixing and positioning

Operating sticks

Devices for controlling other devices, e.g. input devices. Page turners, see 22 13 03. Computer pointing devices, see 24 13 21.

Pointing lamps

Devices that emit a focused beam of light used to highlight visual media. Wired remote controls, see 24 13 03.

Arm supports to permit manual activities

Devices supporting the forearm during manual activities, e.g. deskwork or eating. Arm supports for wheelchairs, see 12 25 09.

Robotic manipulators

Powered products, controlled by the user with e.g. a joystick, to replace arm, hand and finger functions, to reach, grasp and move objects in space. Feeding apparatus, see 15 09 27. Assistive products for fixing, reaching and grasping objects in workplace