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ISO Code
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Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment

Products intended to aid a person in engaging in all aspects of a job, trade, occupation or profession, including vocational training. Included are, e.g. machines, devices, vehicles, tools, computer software, production and office equipment, furniture and

Workplace furniture and furnishing elements

Tables, see >18 03. Light fixtures, see >18 06. Sitting furniture, see >18 09. Furniture for storage, see >18 36. Assistive products for environmental improvement, see >27 03


Desks for writing, reading, drawing or drafting mainly used for workplaces. Included are, e.g. office desks, computer desks. Reading desks, writing desks and standing desks, see 18 03 06. Drafting tables and drawing tables, see 18 03 09.


Worktables with specific equipment and accessories for manual work in industry and craft. Included are, e.g. welding tables, assembly tables, carpenter’s benches, mounting tables. Benches and cushions for respiration, see 04 03 24.

Work chairs and office chairs

Adjustable or fixed seating for workplaces. Included are, e.g. assembly seats. Sitting furniture, see 18 09. Coxit chairs, see 18 09 09. Special sitting furniture, see 18 09 21. Accessories for sitting furniture, see 18 10.

Stools and standing chairs for workplaces

Seats with one or more legs, without or with back or arm supports, which provide general support for a person or specifically for remaining in a standing or near-standing position. Stools, see 18 09 04. Standing chairs, see 18 09 07.

Storage and supply systems in workplaces

Devices that enable easily accessible storage of objects at workplaces. Included are, e.g. component boxes, filing cabinets, containers. Shelves, see >183603. Cupboards, see >183606

Workplace mats

Assistive products for reducing vibration in workplaces, see >282409