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ISO Code
N. of products

Products intended to aid a person in engaging in all aspects of a job, trade, occupation or profession, including vocational training. Included are, e.g. machines, devices, vehicles, tools, computer software, production and office equipment, furniture and facilities and materials for vocational assessment and vocational training. Excluded are products that are mainly used outside the work environment. Assistive products for education and for training in skills, see >05. Assistive products for activities and participation relating to personal mobility and transportation, see >12. Furnishings, fixtures and other assistive products for supporting activities in indoor and outdoor human-made environments, see >18. Assistive products for communication and information management, see >22

Assistive products for fixing, reaching and grasping objects in workplaces

Devices for securing, gripping, holding, carrying, handling and positioning work equipment for easy use. Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or combination of these functions, see >24 18. Assistive products for fixation, see >24 27

Assistive products for carrying and gripping workpieces and tools

Devices which enable a person to fix, grasp, carry and handle objects. Included are, e.g. hand magnets. Assistive products for operating and controlling devices, see >24 09

Assistive products for fixing and positioning workpieces and tools

Devices for fixing, securing or positioning tools and other objects used in workplaces such that they can be easily accessed or used by a person. Included are, e.g. screw clamps, vices, clamping devices, brackets, magnets, spring clips, non-slip underlays, rotating tables with compartments, side tables. Fixed-position systems, see >242403. Rotating and sliding systems, see >242406