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ISO Code
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Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment

Products intended to aid a person in engaging in all aspects of a job, trade, occupation or profession, including vocational training. Included are, e.g. machines, devices, vehicles, tools, computer software, production and office equipment, furniture and

Devices for testing and monitoring in workplaces

Equipment and software for quantitative and qualitative analysis in the production or work process. Included are, e.g. lasers, sensor apparatus, stethoscopes with hearing amplification. Physical, physiological and biochemical test equipment and materials,

Measuring instruments and equipment for workplaces

Devices for measuring, monitoring and analysing physical, biological and chemical properties at work. Included are, e.g. filling devices, automatic burettes, dosing devices, pipettes, volumetric flasks, microscopes. Body thermometers, see 04 24 24. Person

Quality assurance devices for workplaces

Equipment for planning, monitoring and correction when manufacturing products or when conducting an activity, in order to meet the predefined quality requirements. Included are, e.g. tracking systems for assembly processes and software.