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Assistive products for work activities and participation in employment

Products intended to aid a person in engaging in all aspects of a job, trade, occupation or profession, including vocational training. Included are, e.g. machines, devices, vehicles, tools, computer software, production and office equipment, furniture and

Assistive products for health protection and safety in workplaces

Devices to help ensure health and safety and to control and upgrade the environmental. conditions at work. Accessories for machines and tools, see >281518

Personal protective equipment for workplaces

Devices designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against health and safety hazards. Included are, e.g. products for head protection, eye protection, hearing protection, hand protection, foot protection, airway protection and whole-body

Assistive products for controlling illumination in workplaces

Devices for regulating lighting conditions at workplaces. Assistive products for controlling illumination, see >270315

Assistive products for reducing vibration in workplaces

Devices or materials for dampening vibrations at workplaces

Air cleaners for workplaces

Devices that remove pollutants at workplaces from the air. Assistive products for improving indoor air quality, see 27 03 06.

Assistive products for noise reduction in workplaces

Devices or materials that reduce or absorb noise at workplaces. Included are, e.g. sound-absorbing materials. Assistive products for reducing noise, see >270309

Safety devices for workplaces and surrounding areas at work

Devices that are applied in rooms and buildings to minimize hazards. Included are, e.g. path markings, non-slip floor coverings, fire-resistant floor coverings. Non-slip bath mats, non-slip shower mats and non-slip tapes, see 09 33 06. Floor coverings, se

Special software for preventing and reducing physical or mental stress

Software for the avoidance and reduction of subjectively felt states of stress at work. Included are, e.g. guided stress reduction and relaxation programs, body awareness. programs, time management programs.

Assistive products for recuperation during work processes

Devices that enable a person to recover from mental and physical fatigue at workplaces. Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training, see 04 48.