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ISO Code
N. of products
Assistive products for recreation and leisure

Products intended to facilitate a person’s participation in any form of play, sports or hobbies or other forms of recreation and leisure. Equipment for movement, strength, balance and cardio training, see 04 48.

Assistive products for play

Products that enable a person to engage in games with rules or unstructured or unorganized games and spontaneous recreation

Assistive products for sports

Devices that enable a person to engage in competitive and informal or formally organized games or athletic events, performed alone or in a group

Assistive products for playing and composing music

Devices that enable a person to perform, read and create music. Assistive products for voice training and speech training, see 22 09 12.

Assistive products for producing photos, films and videos

Devices that enable a person to take and process photographs or to produce films or videos.Video recording and playing devices, see >221806

Handicraft tools, materials and equipment

Products that assist a person in the creation of art and crafts. Manually operated hand tools, see >281503; Powered hand tools, see >281506

Assistive products for camping and caravanning

Products to enable a person when camping outdoors or travelling in a camper or other recreational vehicle. Included are, e.g. tents, recreational vehicles. Vehicle accessories and vehicle adaptations, see >12 12

Assistive products for smoking

Devices that enable a person to smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Included are, e.g. adapted ashtrays, lighters, cigarette holders.

Assistive products for care of animals

Products to enable the feeding, cleaning and other care of pets and livestock